5 Benefits of Clip In Extensions

  1. Length and volume

You finally don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out and wonder what’s taking it so long! Clip ins are the most versatile extensions on the market and add instant length and volume just like that. At Cutiepietresses we have so many different textures: Kinky, coily, kinky curly, curly, kinky blow out etc just to name a few! Having such a huge variety means there is a match to suit you as there are so many styles and textures to choose from! With our clip ins, you also get the opportunity to glam up for special occasions whether that might be a night out with the girls, dinner, weddings or even if you’re just heading to the mall! 

2. No damage

You can embrace protective hairstyles! Extensions don’t damage your natural hair, however, you do need to take care of the extensions and you can do that by braiding and using different hairstyles that take away the risk of damaging factors which you can read all about in our protective hairstyles blog: https://www.cutiepietresses.com/blogs/news/protective-hairstyles 

The hair can be washed, conditioned, cut, twisted out, bantu knotted, straightened and more, all without damaging the hair. Our hair can also be dyed or bleached, but we do have to note that this may forfeit our returns policy.

3. Hairstyle galore

You get to experiment with all kinds of hairstyles with extensions and this is a huge bonus especially if you have always had really short hair! Three words say it all: Freedom of choice. With our clip ins you can literally try anything you want whether that may be braiding, trying out updos or even adding accessories. 

4. Try new colors!

With hair extensions you don’t need to worry about damaging your natural hair or your scalp when you are wanting to dye or color your hair or even if you’re just worried about it looking bad. Extensions are a safe option to explore new colors on you without the fear of commitment.

5. They are super easy to maintain

Our extensions are super easy to maintain because all you have to do is wash it to your style when you get it, then wash them once every few weeks after that. You definitely don’t want to over wash the hair as that could start causing shredding. But overall, they are easier to maintain than your own hair as you don’t have to deal with that yucky grease that your natural hair produces that we know all too well. If you buy our clip ins they also come with care instructions so you don’t need to frantically try and search the web when you receive them!