Edges ~ The Trend That Everyone Loves

For women it can be exceptionally difficult to talk about hair loss. This is because hair has become one of the most intricate and fundamental ways of portraying ourselves to the outside world. Which is where edges come in. Edges are the cutest and one of the most trendy ways to style your hair. You could literally even just have a slicked back ponytail and your edges would complete the look.

Edges have really taken a huge toll on younger people, and the trend itself has travelled around the world over the past few years, but what most people don’t know, is that edges have been a trend since the mid 2000’s. A lot of little girls throughout America have been slicking down their edges with gel ever since they can remember. Laying them down as carefully as they possibly can with a toothbrush, however, they will never remember when they started or why just because it has become a part of society's everyday routine.  

Edges have now become an accessory for black women when styling their hair. Let’s face it, everyone has baby hairs, it just comes down to whether you know how to style them or not and are willing to go that extra mile to style them. Styling your edges is quite literally taking something that is pretty normal and making it more detailed and intricate. 

Having extra short wispy hair around your hairline has historically been considered a trait that mostly women of color possess. We are currently in the midst of the second natural hair movement and this time, black women are armed with the internet. We now have so many hair gurus, bloggers, beauty pages, influencers that have brought together a huge community of hair lovers.

At the end of the day, we’ve said it before and we will say it again...confidence is the best hairstyle so whether you want to lay down your edges or just let them fly free, the decision is all yours and us here at Cutiepietresses know that you will look beautiful no matter what!