The Commandments Of Daily Hair Care Routines

I’m guessing you probably hesitant to buy any hair extensions or wigs because you have absolutely no idea to take care of them, right? Do I use my regular shampoo? How do I style it with my curling iron? The questions are endless but don’t you worry, we got you covered.

Often, people think hair extensions require a lot of work, therefore too much hassle. Actually, there is not a lot more work required; it's actually much like taking care of your own hair! The benefits of extensions are worth it, with the convenience of ready-made luxurious tresses that can be applied at any time, we promise you won't regret it. 


It's important to keep them in tip-top shape and as beautiful as possible so you can wear them for longer. Here’s how to take care of them.


Washing the hair

When it comes to washing the tresses, choose sulfate-free shampoos that won’t break down and strip the colours off the extensions. And don’t worry, you can wash the hair once a week (unless you wear the hair frequently, or the hair is exposed to bad weather). 

Tip: opt for washing the hair in cold water as it keeps the hair cuticle close.

Conditioning the hair

This step is the starting point of taking care of your extensions. You can use hair conditioner and serums to keep the tresses shiny and tangle-free. Regular conditioning requires only a small amount of product applied to extensions, and use your fingers as a comb to comb through the extensions. Leave in for 5-6 minutes, then wash out with cold water. 

For a deep conditioning treatment, use a small amount of product and apply it to each strand and leave it in for 2-3 hours. Avoid using too much conditioner and serum, as it can cause the hair to coagulation and therefore breaking the cuticle, causing the hair texture to look dull.

Tip: apart from regular conditioning, do a deep conditioning treatment to hair once a month to deeply nourishing the hair.

Drying the hair

When it comes to drying the hair, try to allow the extensions to dry naturally. This will allow the extensions to keep it's texture. The hair itself are less likely to break down when dried naturally. 

But if you really need to, set the heat to low-to-medium setting and avoid exposing the hair tool long under dry and hot air from the tool.

Make sure you regularly comb through your extensions using your fingers or a wide toothed comb!