Choosing the right hair texture for my hair extensions and wigs

Looking through all of the wigs and extensions in our store can be confusing as there are so many to choose from!

You have to know the right weave to choose, as getting the wrong one (especially the wrong texture) will definitely make your extensions look fake. The key is to make them blend into your own hair as much as possible for the natural effect,like you had a good hair day and you're rocking it!

If that’s the case, where to start? you start with the texture first, before deciding everything else.

Types of textures

The hair doesn’t just get separated based on the color and length; the hair texture is also important and one of the noticeable factors that catch your attention.

And thanks to Mother Nature, we are all blessed with different hair textures that are amazing to look at. Here are the most common textures:

Straight hair texture is the most basic and easiest to care for. Straight hair tresses are so easy to style to give a sleek look. Plus, this hair texture works well with anyone, you just need to find the right length and style for you! These extensions are easiest to add extra length. 

Tip: straight hair is the basic type that you can have as you can increase the volume and length of your hair effortlessly.

And there’s wavy hair texture that can add volume to your hair with a luxurious, bouncy effect. As for curly hair texture, the category itself covers from loose curls to tight curls that have their own distinct style that you can choose accordingly. These curls create more volume to your look. 

After knowing the types of these hair textures, how are you going to choose the right one for your hair?

Start by identifying your own natural hair texture, and match it to our extension textures. In some cases, your hair may even have multiple textures. If that's the case, choose the texture which most of your hair has, as it is important that the extensions blend in for the natural effect. 

From there, you can narrow down the possible hair textures that you can choose. Using this as a reference, decide if you plan to style the hair extensions/wigs thoroughly or just leave it be. If you plan to cut and color the hair, for example, choosing the right type and texture (while it fits well with the look that you’re going for) is essential so the extensions and/or wigs still look good and healthy-looking for you to flaunt it.