Figure out your curl type and why it actually helps

Do you have issues or problems with your curly hair on a regular basis? Does everything you do seem to be making things worse? If this is the case, then chances are that you are going about the entire process wrong.

The issues you might be experiencing with your hair is because you do not know your curl type. And this is important as it determines the type of hair products or daily routine to follow in keeping your curls looking great and intact.

If you are not aware of your curl type, it can cause a lot of hair issues like breakages, damages and tangles.

The same way that knowing your skin type is important when choosing your skincare products, this also applies to your curls as well.

Below is everything you need to know about figuring your hair type and why it actually helps.


What are the types of hair curls?

Curls are not just beautiful, they also differ in their texture, porosity, structure and volume. Knowing your curl type is extremely important as it helps you choose the right hair products and also adopt a hair care routine that will leave your curls in superb condition! The major curl types include:


Type 1 (Straight).

Type 2 (Wavy hair)

Type 3 (Curly hair)

Type 4 (Kinky hair)


Why is it important to know your curl type?

It is important for you to know your curl type because it influences a variety of other factors such as your hair care tools, technique, products and daily hair care routine.

For example, if you have major curls with intense curls and twists, you need a product rich in ingredients that hydrate and moisturizes your entire hair.

On the other hand, if you have wavy curls, then you would need products that prevent your hair from drying out and keep your waves intact.

Also, knowing your curl type makes you aware of your hair's characteristic features and then adopts ways to enhance them. By so doing, you are able to find the right balance that suits your curly hair needs and end your bad hair days.